About us

Company profile

The company is engaged in the production of standard, atypical or special ventilators, both radial and axial. Radial ventilators with an impeller size from 130 mm to 2,500 mm, in single-sided or double-sided suction version. Axial ventilators of the size 250 mm to 1,250 mm; larger sizes may be supplied on request. Ventilators are designed to deliver the air mass, purified or with abrasive or adhesive additives, to aggressive environment; temperature of the air mass delivered up to 800 °C (radial ventilators). Some ventilators are gastight – designed to deliver chemical gases (in explosive environment), and have a certificate under ATEX's requirements (former Ex). They are designed for explosive environment Zona 1, Zona 2 or even Zona 0 – explosion-resistant ventilators. The material used is from aluminium alloys, titan alloys through conventional structural steels to high-strength or refractory materials. We may also supply a design from materials with higher resistance against abrasion. Ventilators are designed in compliance with the user's parameters specified (transport volume, temperature, total pressure), so they are optimally adapted to specific technology. With respect to the fact that it is mainly a piece production, it is possible to match the design exactly with a customer's requirements.

Company's history

ARET B.W. s.r.o. was founded in 1994 as a company engaged in design activities for the development and construction of atypical special-use ventilators. Thanks to continuously increasing demand for ventilator production, the company started its own manufacturing in the leased premises in Vlachovo Březí. Since 1998, the company had started progressive development of its own premises in Tvrzice, where its plant operates until today. Since the very beginning, the company has been a Czech manufacturer and supplier of radial and axial ventilators for industrial purposes, in particular for power industry, metallurgical production, petrochemistry, production of building materials, mechanical engineering, ecological industry and agriculture. Together with the commencement of its own production, the company provides service of ventilators. Since 2009, the company has complied with requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard.